16 April 2018

Welcome to the “new” and improved blog we call The Modernist Angle

Improved how? you’re wondering. Perhaps “focused” is more accurate.

The Modernist Angle is now dedicated to offering you, our readers, everything you want and need to know about modernist houses and real estate -- from the mid-20th century to new construction. Why? Because we want this to be modernist house enthusiasts’ one-stop blog for the best info on the houses you love.

In future posts, we’re going to cover such topics as…

• Should you renovate your modernist house or sell it? How to decide.

• How much of your property should you devote to the construction of your new home?

• The keys to curb appeal for modernist houses.

• How to put together a top-notch renovation team.

• Is prefab modern truly modern?

(If you have a topic suggestion, let us know. Use the Comments section to post your idea, or you can email our publicist: blueplatepr@gmail.com. )

We’re going to get this ball rolling, however, with an exciting five-part series of guest posts written by an expert in mid-century modern restorations, renovations, and additions: architect Arielle Condoret Schechter, AIA, of Chapel Hill, NC.

I met Arielle through North Carolina Modernist Houses, an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to documenting, preserving, and promoting modernist houses throughout that state.

Arielle Condoret Schechter, AIA, in the
spacious studio on the lower level of her own
very cool modernist house.
Not only is Arielle a modernist architect herself, but she also grew up under the influence of her father, Jon Condoret, an Algerian-American architect and highly accomplished mid-century modernist. Arielle worked for his firm for several years, where she was consistently surrounded by many other mid-century modernist architects who collaborated with him and socialized with her parents. She listened to their conversations, soaking up insights that would be invaluable to her in the future. And in the process, she was growing up in an exemplary mid-century modern house Jon Condoret designed for his family.

So Arielle dearly loves mid-century modern houses and approaches their renovations, remodels, and additions with the sensitivity, care, and respect they deserve. Which is why you’re going to enjoy her five-part series entitled:

Things You Should Know If You Own, Plan to Own, or Plan to Renovate A Mid-Century Modern House. 

Stay tuned for Part 1 this week.

Many, many thanks to Arielle for sharing her expertise and advice with The Modernist Angle.

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