22 March 2018

On Modern Architecture and Motorcycle-Riding

I wrote about the obvious benefits and clear connection between motorcycle riding and modern(ist) architecture before. But perhaps you didn’t read that post here, possibly you forgot about it, or maybe you even consider riders a loud bunch of stinky low-lives out to pilfer the local Savings and Loan bank.

Not so.

On Saturday, trying to avoid everything St. Patrick, I ran errands on the bike and then went riding in a nearby area. Did I get lucky.

In one single quiet residential street, I discovered fourteen (!) mid-century homes, some of them even sporting one of my favourites details, a butterfly roof. So today I checked the whole neighbourhood in our broker property database MLS, and found a plethora of mid-century modern homes. A few sold examples are shown below to give you an idea.

The catch: prices in this rather small area have jumped by leaps and bounds – 46% in the last 4 years, now reaching from the $350Ks to $900Ks – and are forecast to go up another 10% this year.

The other catch: I can't tell you about the location on my blog. Modern homes make up under 3 percent of all single family homes for sale in our area, and are not easy to find. Specialising in preserving, promoting and brokering modern architecture, I can not give the secret sauce away for free: brokering is the part that pays the bills. But if you’re interested in buying or selling, I’d be delighted to speak with you.

Luxury mid-century modern homes in Florida, offered by estate agent  Tobias Kaiser

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Boca Raton modern architecture by real estate broker and modern home specialist Tobias Kaiser - ModernSouthFlorida.com
Photos: SEF-MLS