25 May 2009

Modern architecture in Munich I

I am working from Munich for about two months. Every time I’m home I’m baffled and delighted how much modernist properties - old and new - I discover.

Spec houses are not common in Germany, and especially modernist architecture is practically always commissioned. From my observations, it seems modernist architects in Germany are stylistically more daring and experiment more in comparison to what I see in SE Florida. I’d be very curious to hear German and US architects’ opinion on this though.

Germans are sticklers for privacy, so I will not list owners or addresses with the examples I’m showing:

From top: Starnberg ca. 2006, front; Starnberg ca. 2006, back; Starnberg, ca. 2004; Starnberg, ca. 1960

(Please forgive the quality of the photos; they are mostly taken with my mobile which uses an extraordinary amount of jpg-compression.)