16 August 2017

In Enemy Territory?

Last weekend I needed a cable for our TV, and I needed it right away. The closest store was a BrandsMart USA, which carried what I needed. But I left the store without a cable: it was a whopping 66% more than at Target – already bad enough.

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Even worse: the BrandsMart store had a nasty vibe and aggressive energy to it; I was accosted by sales people left and right who didn’t listen to my wishes. It felt like I had entered enemy territory.

I’m a grown boy and can hold my own, but I couldn’t wait to get out. Target was downright soothing in comparison: calm, quiet, friendly personal; I was reminded why Target calls their customers “guests”.

Did you ever have a similar experience? Did you leave a nasty store too? Or worse, did you ever meet a real estate agent or broker who exuded an aggressive “I need a commission – and I need it NOW”-attitude?

If so, run for the hills.

If you don’t like the Realtor you plan to work with – independent of his or her qualifications – there is no sense in being in such an important business relationship together, over months, revealing a lot of your personal and financial details, with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars at stake.

Find and work with an agent you like, who you connect with, who listens. Both the transaction and you personally will be much better off.

Doesn’t that make more sense than tiptoeing through enemy territory?

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