31 March 2016

Pritzker-price winner and Architect Zaha Hadid dies suddenly at age 65

Sadly, today masterful architect Dame Zaha Hadid died suddenly from a heart attack, after being hospitalised with bronchitis in Miami where she was working on a new condominium project.

The British architect, born in Iraq in 1950, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth (thus "Dame", the female equivalent to "Sir") and also won a Pritzker price, architectur's equivalent to the Nobel price.

Three good pieces on Hadid you will find at the NYTimes, ArchDaily and Curbed.

To the many photos of her outstanding work if I find them(!) I may add a few of my own from her incredible Bergisel ski-jump in Innsbruck, Austria, as well as from her Nordpark railway stations in Innsbruck as well.

11 March 2016

It Caught My Eye: "Kienzle Automat" clock

Kienzle Automat clock - by Florida modern home real estate expert Tobias Kaiser

Recently I found this lovely mid-century modern mantel/desk clock made by Kienzle, one of Germany's oldest watchmakers, founded in 1822 (!) in Schwenningen (Black Forest).

Likely made in the mid- 50s to early 60s, this clock, the “Kienzle Automat”, is also featured in Kienzle’s wiki entry. The body is venereed wood, possibly walnut, hands and hour-circle are brass. It runs on an old (original?) battery-operated movement, and actually keeps time pretty well.

I know because I bought it. 

If you are interested in such clocks, let me know; I may be able to help you find one.