11 March 2016

It Caught My Eye: "Kienzle Automat" clock

Kienzle Automat clock - by Florida modern home real estate expert Tobias Kaiser

Recently I found this lovely mid-century modern mantel/desk clock made by Kienzle, one of Germany's oldest watchmakers, founded in 1822 (!) in Schwenningen (Black Forest).

Likely made in the mid- 50s to early 60s, this clock, the “Kienzle Automat”, is also featured in Kienzle’s wiki entry. The body is venereed wood, possibly walnut, hands and hour-circle are brass. It runs on an old (original?) battery-operated movement, and actually keeps time pretty well.

I know because I bought it. 

If you are interested in such clocks, let me know; I may be able to help you find one.

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