27 February 2015

Three Modern Homes by Duckham and Singer in Fort Lauderdale's Garden Tour

Last Saturday, the Fort Lauderdale Garden Club in it's "Secret Gardens" tour featured five homes – or gardens and exteriors to be precise, since the homes themselves were not available to the public – three of which were modern homes by beloved local architects, Dan Duckham and Donald Singer.

If viewing only the gardens and none of the interiors sounds a bit like a consolation price, it is. But in the choice between a consolation price or no price at all, it was an easy choice.

The homes, all of which are located in the aptly named Shady Banks neighbourhood and are hardly visible from the street:

Luxury Florida modern homes offered by Tobias Kaiser http://www.ModernSouthFlorida.com/
Uchin residence, 3/3.5, 5,071 sf on a 48,300 sf waterfront lot, architect Donald Singer, 1977.

Waterfront luxury homes in Florida, by modern architecture expert Tobias Kaiser
Uchin residence by architect Donald Singer, 1977.

Modernist architecture real estate agent Tobias Kaiser offers homes by Dan Duckham, Don Singer, Al Parker and others
Singer residence, 2/2, 2,631 sf on a 14,300 sf lot, architect Donald Singer, 1976.

Modern architecture specialist and real estate agent Tobias Kaiser – midcentury modern homes by Chuck Reed, Marion Manley and Rufus Nims
Singer residence by Donald Singer, 1976.

South Florida modern homes by modern architecture specialist and Realtor Tobias Kaiser at http://www.ModernSouthFlorida.com
Allen residence, orig. 2/3 single story, later expanded to 4,377 sf, lot 24,200 sf, architect Dan Duckham,1963

Dan Duckham designs and other modern homes - by modern architecture specialist Tobias Kaiser
Allen residence by Dan Duckham,1963

contemporary and mid century modern homes in Florida for sale, by real estate agent Tobias Kaiser
Allen residence by Dan Duckham,1963
If you were on the tour or are familiar with these homes, I'd love to hear your impressions!

Photos ©tckaiser

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