26 April 2011

OT: Apple, Google collect user location data

To be filed under "Dept. of Defenseless Consumer":

With modern smartphones, we are all equal; how lovely. Because not only Apple, but also Google collects user data.

When the news about Apple's collection lust broke last week I didn't believe they were the only ones. But here's the confirmation from the WSJ on Android phone data collection. Scary.

In the meantime, gizmodo.com has updated their first piece on the subject and added a nice handy chart in a second article explaining who does what with your location data.

Photo ©gizmodo

As Mattch Buchanan on gizmodo writes "There's no opting out, there's no knowledge, there's just creepiness."

Now, you must excuse me while I'm rummaging through the attic for my old Nokia 6100 classic.

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