13 November 2009

Modern Naval Architecture (OT)

An interesting event happened at the Fort Lauderdale harbor this morning - unfortunately I missed it because I did not see the arrival times in the Miami Herald yesterday (the Sun-Sentinel didn't even bother to publish it): the world’s largest cruise ship, the Oasis of the Seas, pulled into Port Everglades around 8 am today (photo: on sea trial in Europe, 28 Sep 2009, ©Royal Caribbean) 

It passed by the Point of Americas, a tall condo right at the harbour entrance, which you can see in these videos from CBS (unedited and without sound, probably to post them quicker.) The first few minutes are a bit odd - zooming back and fourth - but then they show the ship pulling in, filmed from a park to the the south. You can see how it completely obstructs the condos at the harbour entrance:

The ship's itinerary for now, according to Royal Caribbean :
Nov. 13-18: Ship will be inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Public Health Service to make sure it meets international safety and sanitary standards. The ship must pass the inspections to operate from a U.S. port.
Nov. 14: A towering special-purpose crane will install tropical plants in Central Park. This first-ever "park at sea" features 12,175 plants, 62 vines and 56 trees.
Nov. 19: A one-night cruise departs from Port Everglades with top Royal Caribbean executives, the media team from ABC's Good Morning America and other VIP passengers. Pop star Rihanna will perform a special concert that night from the AquaTheater stage.
Nov. 20: Good Morning America will broadcast live from Oasis from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., offering an exclusive first look at the ship.
Nov. 20 and 22: Two two-night cruises to nowhere will preview the ship for company officials, media, travel agents and invited guests.
Nov. 29: One-night preview cruise and fundraiser supporting the local chapters of the United Way and American Red Cross. Royal Caribbean donated more than 1,000 cabins to the organizations to sell to the public.
Nov. 30: One-night preview cruise and fundraiser supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Royal Caribbean donated 1,300 cabins to the organization to sell to the public. Highlights include the official christening and naming ceremony.
Dec. 1: First full-revenue voyage, a four-night trip to Labadee, Haiti.
Dec. 5: Inaugural departure on a regular seven-night itinerary, this one to the Eastern Caribbean, stopping at St. Thomas, St. Martin and Nassau, Bahamas.

So where is the real estate connection in this post? 

Easy: see the three tall condominiums on the north side of the harbour entrance in the videos? Especially the eastern-most, the Point of Americas, is a wonderful building. Its unique location, in my opinion the best condo location in Fort Lauderdale, offers an incredible vantage point from which you can view ships going out and coming in all day long. When I showed a SE corner condo in that building, I envisioned placing my desk overlooking the harbor entrance... and not getting any work done, ever. If you are interested, let me know.

Enjoy and happy Friday the 13th!

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