09 December 2016

Architects' Holiday Greetings: I

Holiday Greetings. How original.

During the month of December, instead of modern homes for sale I feature retro modern Holiday cards on my website http://www.ModernSouthFlorida.com. But somehow I thought I also ought to check what architects send.

Perhaps I'd better leave that subject alone? As gifted as many are in their fields, their marketing skills (or simply their greeting card choices?) are often not quite on par. You'll see later what I mean.

So until New Year, I'll show you a few examples, good and not quite so. Very subjectively, of course.

As an opener, here is the lovely and eye-catching card from eStudio vS based in Guanjuato/México.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!
Holiday Greetings from Florida modern home specialist and broker Tobias Kaiser
PS: If you are curious if I sit in the glasshouse, or what my office sends: for all of my client greetings including Christmas / New Years, I select a photo I shot myself. 
It makes at least me feel warm and fuzzy, having used something "hand crafted". – Yeah right.

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