01 September 2017

Happy Labor Day with "Poolside Gossip"

Modern Homes in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, Florida by real estate agent Tobias Kaiser

What better photo illustration to toast the Labor Day weekend could I possibly find than Slim Aaron's iconic "Poolside Gossip", shot in January 1970 in Palm Springs at a Kaufman house?

The whole scene looks so perfectly created that one may wonder if it's an illustration rather than a photo.

Not so. From Modernism Week to the blog Kelly Golightly, there are plenty of articles written on the shot. One of the most detailed and fun pieces to read about it appeared in the NY Times in 2015

And while there are – to my knowledge – no Kaufman designs anywhere in South Florida, there are over 550 modernist homes available right now, including a Rufus Nims and several Alfred Browning Parkers. Have a look and enjoy.


"Poolside Gossip", Palm Springs 1970 © Slim Aaron