17 May 2013

It caught my eye: Modernist Hotel Signs in Miami

Seems lately I'm in Miami on a daily basis. With all that driving around a lot of architecture catches your eye, but you can't observe it in detail when you have a client in the car.

But recently I took my new camera with me, to take photos of hotel signs I had seen before. These signs of Miami Modern glamour from the 40s and 50s ("MiMo") I found on a stretch of Biscayne Boulevard (aka US1) in the 60s and 70s:

...and my favourite, for the absolutely priceless detail in the fountain as well as that lovely name:

Front elevation of the Vagabond Motel, designed ca. 1953 by Delano Hotel architect B. Robert Swartburg and currently waiting to be remodeled:

Did I overlook any beautiful ones you know of? Send them in please!

Update on 21 May 13: Biscayne Times has a great piece on the Biscayne Boulevard Miami Modern Historic District (yes, it is quite a mouthful). And more on the Vagabond Motel – did I mention that I love the fountain? – and its planned rehab at curbed.miami.
Photos © tckaiser


Susan said...

Beautiful renovation photos of the Vagabond! How refreshing to know it will not be torn down and a high-rise built in its place.

Unknown said...

Awesome sign pics! That was a good photo safari!