04 May 2012

Chance Encounters with Modern Architecture (2)

The idea behind "Chance Encounters with Modern Architecture": A postcard of sorts, of unexpected finds of modern architecture – or perhaps art – which caught my eye, but without demanding or warranting a lengthy post.

It's about sharing delicious little morsels that pop up while on your way to church, Seaboard Wines or Emil's Sausages.

Today: Doctor's Office and Single Family Residence in Feldafing/Germany 

What is it: A freestanding two-story single family home with doctor's office downstairs. Built ca. 2006. (Notoriously private, shielded by strict laws and not granting access to tax records like in the US, details on European buildings like this are nearly impossible to obtain. Sorry.)

Why did it catch my eye: Feldafing, a small village (pop. 4,300) in Bavaria on Lake Starnberg, has been a summer retreat for wealthy industrialists from Munich in the 18th and 19th century. The building style from that period tends to be opulent, even for summer retreats, and rather traditional. The love of Germans for modern architecture pops everywhere though, including in this little gem, overlooking the golf course (founded 1926), the lake and the Karwendel mountains. 

Where is it: Feldafing, Bavaria/Germany. Map.

NE elevation
NE elevation
NE elevation
Approximate view facing ESE

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