08 February 2012

Mies' Villa Tugendhat in Brno reopens

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Tugendhat residence, a masterpiece of the Modern Movement in architecture and a Unesco World Heritage site located in Brno in the Czech Republic, reopens to the public on March 6 after a two-year renovation. 

The famous house was also the subject of Simon Mawer's interesting (part-fiction) book "The Glass Room", describing – with a writer's liberties of course – Fritz and Grete Tugendhat's journey, from commissioning the house to their live in it to fleeing to the US from the Nazis in 1938.

A detailed piece about the villa, its history and its renovation is published here. A photo gallery with 70 (!) pictures can be viewed on the Tugendhat site, and an even more interesting virtual tour (in Czech, but pretty much self-explanatory if you ever saw a 360° tour) is also available.

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