18 March 2009

The List

Stemming from my love for modern architecture, I have been “collecting” modernist properties for several years. Searched out, observed, accidentally found or through our Multiple Listing Service, every find ends up in a list of contemporary and mid-century modernist properties - mostly single family homes Southeast Florida, with a condo building, a supermarket or even a car dealership thrown in for good measure.

Our MLS (for Non-Americans: a shared database of properties for sale; only participating real estate real estate agents have access to it) is a bit tricky, because there is no filter “Modern”, so I devised my own. I have as many as five “modern” MLS searches running parallel, handpicking modernist properties from them every few days.

Over the course of the years, this list has grown to over 1,300 buildings in Southeast Florida, covering roughly an area between the Florida Keys and Stuart. It’s a bit of work to keep it updated, but an excellent education for me, a great tool, and of course invaluable help when it comes to finding modern properties for like-minded buyers.

If you know of a modern building - house, townhouse, apartments - would you let me know please? Even better: if you can send along with the address also a photo, even one quickly taken with your mobile phone is totally fine. - Thank you!

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